Magic Maple Dust

A true labour of love, Magic Maple Dust took over a year to perfect with various attempts at smoking the paprika and brown sugar for just the right amount of time. Then came the task of finding exactly the right type of granulated maple sugar made from real maple syrup. Finally we had to make sure the highest quality of herbs and spices were used in just the right amounts. Too little and the flavour is lost, too much and it can overpower the rub. You know you’ve got it right when the chefs who created it use it as a staple in their home kitchens!


Price (5.5 oz. bottle) $5.00 ea. $54 case of 12

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Opeongo Sauce
Mild fire sauce

For that genuine BBQ pit flavour slather our rich signature sauce over chicken, ribs, pork or beef. This bold secret family recipe is a blend of hand picked spices, herbs and flavours to create what we think is the best darn sauce anywhere.


Price (12 oz. bottle) $7.99 ea. $90 case of 12

With just a little kick, Mild Fire was created to provide that same genuine BBQ pit master flavour with the heat turned up a notch or so. You’re not in the devil’s kitchen yet, but the heat is licking your toes!!!!


Price (12 oz. bottle)$7.99 ea. $90 case of 12

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Price: $15.00