Wildfire was borne from an idea to bring real-authentic southern BBQ up to the great white north. Both founders Regan Lee and Erik Kafrissen have deep roots in the restaurant and catering business. Regan began washing dishes at Maximillian’s in Perth when only 15 yrs. old and proceeded to become an owner of the well established restaurant by the age of 19. He and Erik met 20 years later while starting Fiddleheads Bar and Grill together. Erik came from a culinary and catering background in Toronto and shared Regan’s passion for good wholesome smoked BBQ. After many trips south and more than a few training courses, they were ready to bring southern BBQ to Perth.

Since this was meant to be a fun project and feed their creative sides, both partners opted for a seasonal business which would allow them to travel south in the winter and try out new flavours and BBQ trends. UPDATE....after 5  years- Call us crazy but  in May of 2019 we decided to take our outside seasonal restaurant into a full time location at 40 Foster St. in Perth. We now also offer wood fired pizzas and can accomodate large groups.

Erik with Skip Steele from Pappy’s in St. Louis

We want everyone to walk away with a smile on their face and feel like they just can’t wait to come back again! We want you to make us your ‘home away from home’ restaurant.

At the Blue Boar in Illinois

Regan with Mike Mills, The Legend

We realize it’s not just about food, it’s about the conversations with friends, the atmosphere and the music. We aim to surround you with good BBQ, music and atmosphere, so just bring friends and stir!


Regan lee
erik kafrissen